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Biblical Manhood Module

Biblical Manhood Materials

Download the WORD document facilitator notes to follow each week. 

The PDF version is to be printed and given to your cohort a week in advance to ensure that they are prepared.

1. Email PDF booklet for your cohort members to

2. Describe which option you want printed:

       a. Option 1 - Stapled in booklet form.

       b. Option 2 - Spiral-bound with a clear cover and black back page

Note: You can choose which one works best for your cohort.

3. Print cover in color with all other pages black and white.

4. Include the number of copies needed based on cohort members.

Typically, if you send the order in the morning you can pick up that afternoon. They are closed on Saturdays.

Send the receipt to, and the printing cost will be reimbursed out of the MD5 fund.

Facilitator Notes:

+ WORD Editable Document

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