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How would you like this?

"Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord."

Ephesians 6:4

How do you like it? If your kids, or anyone for that matter, speaks to you harshly or sarcastically how would you like it? I would think that you wouldn't like it. So, how are you doing in this area as a parent? Grace Based One of MD5's standards in the Family "F" is to be a grace based Father. Why? Because that is how our Heavenly Father parents us. He doesn't parent us out of fear or control of what we might do or become. He loves us graciously and sacrificially and that compels us to want to follow and please Him. Then He gives grace every time we fail. Remember This? Here is the guide that you learned in your MD5 cohort. A Grace Based Father gives his kids the freedom to...

  1. Be Different

  2. Be Vulnerable

  3. Be Candid

  4. Make Mistakes

Your kids are not you and they have their own journey to encounter God. So don't even try to control them or plan it all out for them. Pray for them and nurture them with a firm but loving hand. Because are children belong to God and He has just entrusted them to us for a short time. Wisdom for the Moment Pray for wisdom in this area so you can be ready. Because when we least expect it our selfishness will surprise us when we get frustrated with our children. If we are not mature and self-aware enough to lean into Christ in this moment, then we could say something that makes us feel good but is not loving or respectful. Scary but True Remember, that as a Father you have the power to give life or take life from your child's heart. In other words, you can either make it easier or harder for your children to connect with their Heavenly Father's heart depending on how you, as their earthly Father, connect to theirs.

Ryan Johnson

MD5 Facilitator

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