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What do we need friends for?

"Then God said: 'It is not good that man should be alone;

I will make him a helper as his partner.' "

Genesis 2:18

Friends…do we really need them? God thinks so! He himself stated that “It is not good that man should be alone.” God made us to be social. One of the harshest forms of punishment in the penitentiary system is solitary confinement. God intends for us to be engaged with other people. The frequency and number of people is different for each of us…also by His design. Designed for a Purpose God has designed us to primarily align with one of 4 major personality types:

  • Type 1: Designed to be very social and love to interact with others. This type is usually fun to be around and keeps everyone entertained.

  • Type 2: Designed to enjoy social interaction but are very laid back and easy going. They enjoy the company of others but are passive and very practical.

  • Type 3: Designed to be leaders, very direct and decisive. They tend to be impatient with emotional stories and want to get things done…now!

  • Type 4: The fourth type is very analytical and loves charts, graphs and organization. They are very schedule oriented and precise in their actions.

Designed to Help As you can see, God has made a variety of personality types in his perfect design to meet the needs of all humanity. But the different personality types require different levels of social (friendship) engagement. If you identify with the first two types, you probably seek out friendships and social activities. You feed off the energy of other people. We All Need Someone If you identify with types 3 or 4, your social interaction can be limited to just a few. You find your social engagement quota being met early in the day! But you still need relationships with other people. The Takeaway We need friends! We may talk to anyone we come in contact with or have a tendency to be very introverted. That’s the way God made us. But he did not make us to be alone. So, be a friend!

Jeff Riddle MD5 Facilitator

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