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When was the last time you rebalanced?


Maintaining adequate margin for what matters most does not happen by accident—it requires constant monitoring.

When you buy a new set of tires, the dealer often offers to rebalance the tires at no charge to help you get the optimum life from your purchase. How often do we take advantage of the offer? While we have good intentions, we often fail to rebalance until we are noticing one has been worn down or we are experiencing a wobbly ride. The analogy here is that—simply by virtue of use—things tend to get out of balance. So it is with our lives.

The Ride Will Get Rough

Each of us concluded the MD5 process with a Life Plan. We were very intentional about planning margin for the “Top 5%”—those things only we can do. Yet, the plan is to be fluid, and we must periodically “rebalance the tires” of our lives to ensure we progress as intended. Otherwise, the ride will get rough, and we’ll eventually fail to become the men God has called us to be.

Diagnostic Check

Are our lives a bit “wobbly?” Do we need to rebalance to create margin for our “Top 5%?” Are we spending time in the Word each day? Are we loving our wives as Christ loved the church? Are we intentional about building relationships and pushing others closer to Christ? Are we being a good steward of God’s resources and building our eternal portfolio? Are we taking care of our temple?

Rebalance & Optimize

Let’s “rebalance our tires” this weekend to ensure that we have margin for what matters most so we may live optimum lives for God’s glory!

Steve Crawley

MD5 Facilitator

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