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Are schedule interruptions good or bad?

"Be still and know that I am God."

Psalm 46:10

Schedule Interruptions Scheduling our activities and tasks in order to maximize efficiency has become a way of life for most everyone. With the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook, we have the ability to schedule every minute of every day for basically an indefinite period of time. We can even sync our phones, vehicles and work computers all on the same schedule. While there are many positive aspects to a well-planned schedule, I would like to touch on what happens when our schedule gets interrupted. Ask Yourself this Question Recently, a friend and I were discussing how frustrating it can be when things don’t go exactly as planned. I admit, I have a hard time when plans change; however I also recognize how beneficial it can be for my plans to be abruptly changed. When taking a step back, perhaps there could be a reason that we have been “interrupted.” Could God be telling us something? The Best Use of Our Time If we are speeding through life at 110% capacity, any small interruption can be viewed as a road block and in turn lead to ruining our entire day! I would suggest that some of the best times to grow closer to God in our lives, come from having these interruptions in life. If we have extra time to listen to a co-worker or friend about something happening in their life, how better could we use our time? Is God Interrupting your Schedule? Instead of being so focused on what we “should” be doing, may we have the patience and understanding that interruptions to our daily schedule can happen for a reason. Perhaps we just need to look at the glass as half full and attempt to see what God is trying to tell us!

Jon Ross Henderson MD5 Facilitator

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