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Are you rich or ENriched?

“You will be enriched in every way

so that you can be generous on every occasion,...”

II Corinthians 9:11a

Are you Rich, Enriched or both?

"Rich" refers to valuable things, like money, jewels, and gold. "Enriched" means to make something richer, better, or more meaningful.

So, if you are both then that means that you have resources to make something or someone better.

I have good news, you are both!

God has given us all a measure of wealth (time, effort and money) and the wisdom to use it responsibly to enrich someone else's life, and ours, in the process.

Here's the Context

Paul is reminding the Corinthian church in advance of their commitment to help the new Macedonian churches, financially.

Titus volunteers his time and resources to travel to Corinth, along with another brother who will also preach, in Christ to help bring the offering to Macedonia. (This would be tremendously dangerous and time consuming in ancient times.)

In his letter, Paul reminds the Corinthian churches to do what they committed to do to help and to not forget.

He also reminds them that as a church that they will continue to be "enriched in every way" so that they can be "generous on every occasion."

The purpose behind this lies in the second half of this verse, "...and through us (The Body of Christ) your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God."

Our Responsibility

This has really challenged me lately.

God has enriched us all, as part of The Church, to show His love to all we come in contact with, in some way, for His glory and His kingdom.

Such as...

  • Praying for someone who is desperate.

  • Encouraging someone who is discouraged.

  • Helping someone who can't help themselves.

  • Making an extra financial offering to kingdom work.

Act Now!

Ask God to help you decide, today, what you should plan to do and how you should be ready when the Holy Spirit prompts your heart.

This is how the world will experience the love of Christ, through our "generosity on every occasion."

Ryan Johnson

MD5 Facilitator

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