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Are you the worship leader at home?

"David sang to the Lord the words of this song when the Lord delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul..."

II Samuel 22:1-51

Interesting Fact I’m not sure if you have noticed, but men are struggling to sing during worship. Sure, some men sing, but a vast number do not. While the vitality of congregational singing often correlates with the spiritual health of a congregation, even at churches one would consider “healthy,” men are not singing. It's Not Just Me In the book, Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow. Murrow has done extensive research on Christianity’s gender gap. Although most church leaders are men, most Christian men feel like the church is feminized and it’s the last place they want to spend Sunday mornings. Murrow devotes a whole chapter of his book to how contemporary worship affects men. But Men DO Sing, Right? First, there are some significant benefits to modern worship that men love. The environment is casual so we can wear our favorite jerseys on game days. There’s a band. Bands are cool. The lyrics to the songs are projected on large screens in an easy-to-read bold font. No need to get out a hymn book and attempt to read four-part harmony. Despite these advantages, there are a few barriers for men engaging in contemporary worship. Why? Murrow points out that before contemporary worship came on the scene in the 70’s and 80’s, most worship songs in the church were written about God rather than to God. He writes... “With hymns, God is out there. He’s big. Powerful. Dangerous. He’s a leader. With Praise and Worship, God is at my side. He’s close. Intimate. Safe. He’s a lover.” I do not think that intimate worship songs are wrong. We need to be aware of how often we sing them and how they may be affecting men’s engagement in worship. Picture this... Murrow gives us a humorous illustration of how strange this intimate language is for men. “Picture two male hunters sitting in a duck blind, shotguns resting across their laps. One hunter decides to express his affection for the other, using the words of a popular praise song. He turns to his friend and says, “Hey, buddy…” Your love is extravagant Your friendship, it is intimate I feel I’m moving to the rhythm of your grace Your fragrance is intoxicating in this secret place Those are the lyrics to a worship song. Murrow goes on to write... “I cannot imagine saying these words to another man - especially one carrying a loaded shotgun.” There was a time when men sang. They would sing boisterously in unison at the local pub. This is why Martin Luther wrote A Mighty Fortress is Our God to a bar tune. They knew it and sang it loudly. It is not uncommon to see men abandon all to cheer and sing for their favorite sports team, but when it comes to the church, they struggle to show the same fervor. Can You Relate? Perhaps you have felt this way. Let me encourage you to seek the reason why that is. Singing is mentioned over 400 times throughout Scripture. It is absolutely a way God desires us to communicate with Him.

  • Singing helps us remember truths about God.

  • Singing brings his people together and allows them to breathe out a common song of praise to God.

  • Singing is a language God uses to reveal truths often buried deep within our hearts. Have you ever found yourself weeping as you sang?

Maybe we are embarrassed to sing, afraid of getting too emotional. Perhaps we find it too feminine. (I assure you this is not historically true) Whatever the case, remember that this is one of the most excellent tools to testify to your family and lead them in their own worship. Let's not teach our sons that only women sing. Who cares if you cannot sing well, get over it. The Lord is not examining your voice; He is examining your heart. I Challenge You So, next time the music starts up in church, be the first to stand. You be the loudest singer around you. Let your children and wife see you are madly in love with your Savior. Forget the excuses, the lies the enemy has sold you. Lead! AS A MAN, LEAD!! YOU ARE THE WORSHIP LEADER OF YOUR FAMILY!!!

Travis Sellers MD5 Huddle Facilitator

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