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Are you unplugging?

Are you Unplugging?

So much of American culture tells us that we will not live fulfilling lives unless we fill up our calendars with various activities. Our culture feeds us the lie that we must be on technology all the time otherwise we miss something. Whether we mean to or not, social media has encouraged this as we post pictures and videos from our kids’ sporting events, kids’ performances, awards, vacations, work events, etc. We even post pictures from our date nights yet 20 years ago no one would have considered posting pictures of this around the neighborhood.

Ask this Question

In addition to social media, we consume media from various technology via Netflix, Prime Video, Satellite TV, YouTube, ESPN, Hulu, etc. Have we stopped and asked ourselves how beneficial and edifying this media and technology really is? Nearly all of us work at jobs that require the use technology and some even social media. Work with technology proves difficult to control. Personal consumption of technology, however, can be more intentionally controlled by us as men rather than being controlled by it.

Things to Consider

Here are some things to consider if you are struggling with creating Margin in your life.

How much time would you gain each day by removing yourself from social media?

How much time each day would you gain by not binge-watching Netflix, Hulu, etc.?

What kind of example are you setting for your children by your consumption of technology?

Do you practice healthy and sustainable habits with technology?

What healthy habits could you replace that time with?

For example, read more books, exercise, pray, read scripture, and just unwind by removing technology consumption during our non-work time.

Not Getting Easier

It will not be easier as time progresses according to a recent Pew Research Study.

Do you have accountability with technology such as Covenant Eyes with trusted men receiving your accountability reports? The recent revelation about the Ravi Zacharias scandal (and many others) shows the tremendous importance of this.


Every single man in my cohort last year put in their life plan that he would not use their cell phones at night after work until the kids are in bed.

If you put this in your life plan, how well is this going for you? I recently asked my wife to help hold me accountable to this during the evenings since I have slipped into poor habits on this. Set times of the day to respond to personal emails and text messages. If it is that important, the person will most likely call you.

Consider this Challenge

Fast from social media unless you need to use it for your work/business. See how long you can remove yourself from it. I gave up Facebook and Instagram in April of 2019. It was difficult at first but after the addiction went away, I have not missed it. Fast from binge watching shows, even if you are watching them with your spouse or at least limit your time spent.

In the End

Will any of us at the end of our lives think to ourselves “I wish I would have spent more time on social media, binge watching shows, etc.”? Let us not have the regret of “I wish I would have spent less time on my device and more time with the Lord, serving others, focusing on my bride and children, reading, recharging, exercising, unplugging, etc.”

John Gore

MD5 Facilitator

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