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“The world could use more ordinary Christians opening their ordinary lives so others can see what life in light of the gospel looks like.” *

Today’s topic is on family, but not just your family. We are talking about living well with the family of God – more specifically extending hospitality. Heart Check What emotions immediately surface when you hear your doorbell ring—anxiety, panic, excitement? A few days ago, this was a convicting reality for me as one of my neighbors stopped by for an unexpected visit. Rather than enjoying a few moments of fellowship or trying to connect with him, I couldn’t bury the feelings that I was being inconvenienced. I often think of myself as someone who is content with my personal space and less communal by nature. But If I’m being honest, that mindset is a veil over a desire to remain comfortable (or in control). Even without regard for personality traits, we should be asking what does Christ desire of us. We find that in passages like Philippians 2, which outlines a level of community many of us have never experienced. 1 Peter 4:9 also plainly says to “show hospitality to one another without grumbling.” I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t enjoy the privacy of our own home. But I do think our homes can be both an escape from the world and also a place where community continues to flourish with those in the world. Follow the Example of Others In the past year, I’ve watched several families who regularly open their homes to those outside of their inner circle. Some do this by allowing friends to stay rent-free during a difficult season or transition. Others extend hospitality by normalizing the idea of coming over without an invitation. And then others are always willing to host whatever get-together is happening. More Blessed to Give While speaking with one of the families mentioned above, one Dad said he couldn’t imagine forfeiting the blessings they receive by opening their home in unconventional ways. In fact, he said they were going to rearrange more areas of their house so they could host more. We shouldn’t be surprised that following God’s ways leads us to fulfillment we can’t find anywhere else. I know many of you already show hospitality very well. Some of you may be more like me and realize the need to get uncomfortable (initially) and make hospitality a normal rhythm of life. *Dustin Willis & Brandon Clements (The Simplest Way to Change the World: Biblical Hospitality as a Way of Life)

Caleb Crawley MD5 Facilitator

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