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Men still battle these 3 things

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again;

there is nothing new under the sun.”

Ecclesiastes 1:9

He Had it "All" The book of Ecclesiastes chronicles King Solomon’s search for something more. So what could possibly be missing in the life of a man that had everything? He had wisdom, power, prestige, money, women, and anything else his heart desired. What Solomon didn’t have was peace and contentment. One of the wisest and wealthiest men to ever walk on the earth made the same mistake that men are still making today. Without God in the center of our life it’s all for nothing. It’s all vanity, and we will never find true peace that only our faith in God and Jesus Christ can provide. 10 Years Old We are starting our tenth year of MD5. The total number of men that have gone through process is now approaching 400. As our numbers have grown, trends have emerged with what we men are battling. These trends are noticeable in the assessments, but more noticeable from one-on-one conversations. The three top things that we see men battling are:

  1. Margin

  2. Financial Discipline

  3. Lust

Why? We tend to fill our lives with so much busyness that we don’t have enough margin to work on the Top 5%, or the things that truly matter. Our finances are pushed to the breaking point because we are caught in the comparison trap. Pornography is destroying our witness and eating away at the fabric of our nation. So here we are some 3,000 years after King Solomon, and we are still making the same mistakes. There is truly nothing new under the sun. It's Our Choice We are still trying to fill a void in our life with things that don’t matter. But we have a choice! A choice to be men of discipline, simplicity, and intentionality. Men that put God first in their life. What will you choose today?

Roger Smithson

MD5 Facilitator

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