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Raise the roof!

“And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well;

the Lord will raise them up.”

James 5:15

Faith Like a... Does anyone know just how small a mustard seed is? Especially one buried beneath a mountain! Often, our response to others when they are experiencing a crisis is to quote Matthew 17:20 and attempt to convince them that their faith is too small. Sometimes, the mountain is just too large. All Hope Was Lost I recall a time during my son's cancer treatment, Franklin, when the doctors told us that all hope was lost, the treatment was not working. That mountain was immense and insurmountable. My faith that Franklin would be healed was immeasurable but still was not enough. I could not get Franklin’s broken body to the feet of Jesus alone. Faithful & Prayerful Friends I cried out to God and my community. The faithful warriors assaulted the throne with fervent, intercessory prayer and their faith tore through the divide just like the friends of the paralytic tore holes through the roof to get their friend to the feet of Jesus (Luke 5). The result was identical. Franklin is now three years in remission and has received an outstanding prognosis. Unwavering Faith Throughout the process, my faith never wavered. It grew, in fact, into a mustard seed. However, it took the roots of hundreds, maybe thousands, of mustard seeds to break the soil in the stronghold of that mountain. Band Together in Prayer Men, keep your faith strong. Grow in the Word and in your walk with Him. Never back down from the opportunity to let someone lean on your faith. Band together in prayer and become spiritual bulldozers. Tear off the roofs, plant your mustard seeds side by side and let the rain of answered prayers and blessings grow those seeds into mountain breaking trees.

Ron Cash MD5 Facilitator

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