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Small Path, Wide Nose

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

Matthew 7:13

It Finally Happened to Me In a moment that would have elated every America’s Funniest Videos fans, I slammed face-first into a glass window. With a resounding thud, a momentarily, grotesquely distorted nose and instantly sore ribs from the impact of the phone I was distracted by, I was reminded of the safeguards we must install as guardrails in our lives. It was Avoidable The glass window that garnered several gruff chuckles was directly adjacent to an open doorway and I allowed a bad habit to lead me away from my true destination. Had I followed my father’s wise advice, “watch where you are going,” I could have avoided that embarrassing setback. Good Habits There are several good habits to help maintain our heading on the path to the promise land. They include:

  • Daily Prayer and Bible Reading

  • Discipling our family

  • Investing in our church and community.

A few more specific habits might include:

  • Fasting a certain day per week,

  • Drinking half your body weight in water daily

  • Eating dinner together as a family

Don't Make it Awkward Starting new habits can often be awkward, like walking into a gym for the first time or scheduling that yearly doctor visit (especially the dreaded one recommended at forty). If whatever habit it may be does not contradict scripture and it serves to grow you in one of the five “F”’s, then it is a good habit and worth continuing. If it does not glorify Christ, hurts someone else or distracts from the narrow, straight path then leave it behind. In doing so, you will likely save face. Literally!

Ron Cash MD5 Facilitator

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