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This is the upside of the downside

“In all toil there is profit, but mere talk tends only to poverty.”

Proverbs 14:23

Making a Choice

With the recent spike in inflation, many have had to reassess budgets. Some experts are expecting rapid economic recovery while others predict total collapse. My family’s normal grocery expenses were not affected much. However, our utilities, fuel, clothing and ,virtually every other category in our established budget, has increased. This forced us to look for wasted money in our budget. So, we made the choice to cancel streaming & audiobook subscriptions and individual allowances.

The Pay-Off

Suddenly, we had much more family time on our hands. By combining individual allowances into a smaller family allowance and sourcing used or recycled materials, we started a hobby farm. The farm has offset the cost of food by producing our own meat, eggs and produce.

The Fruit of Our Labor

Seeing the fruit of our labor has inspired us to expand into preserving our products. Our sweat is transforming into sustenance. The kids have never been more excited to “help” dad and this “extra” time has already produced more meaningful bonding experiences within the family. Living cheaply does not equal living poorly or unhappily.

Ron Cash

MD5 Facilitator

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