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What's your margin of error?

“But just as he who called you is holy,

so be holy in all you do.”

I Peter 1:15

A Different Margin

We talk about margin often because so many of us feel the burden of overload.

Yet today, I want you to consider margin of a different type—that is moral margin. Just as you need margin in your schedules or in your finances; we all need to set a healthy distance between ourselves and moral failure. Overload in this area is more devastating than in any other.

Moral Failure or Moral Margin?

Our culture is notorious for baiting us to the edge morally. What used to be called pornography is now a casual feature of the most binge-worthy content and this is accepted by Christians!

Too many Godly men have fallen to Satan’s traps, and it cost them badly. The downfall of these men didn’t happen overnight, but instead a gradual compromise of character.

Biblical men chose a different route. They chose to exaggerate the standard morally. I’m suggesting that we volunteer a bit of our freedom in order to safeguard our character—because it’s invaluable!

Exaggerated Standard Tips

These tips will help you create moral margin:

  • Is there a man who regularly “audits” your character? Does he ask the awkward and intrusive questions about your heart?

  • Do you have an internet filter or a system to guard your eyes on devices?

  • Do you avoid all possible situations where you would be alone with another women?

  • Do you turn off any media content that dishonors the name of our God or that normalizes sinful behavior?

  • Do you have a low tolerance for sin at work? Or do you rationalize “small” offenses and cut corners? This is a perfect primer for larger failures that could cost you dearly.

Two Benefits of Exaggerated Standards

  1. It gives us a defense against the incoming attacks of Satan. The devil loves to see us compromise our integrity and knows that once we succumb; it is difficult to retreat.

  2. We can experience a genuine relationship with a Holy God. 1 Peter says “But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do.” It is foolish to live as if God has no regard for our holiness, because he clearly calls us to it.

Time to Act

If you think the measures above sound too extreme or impractical, I’d urge you to consider God’s standard for holiness. As we mature as believers, I think we will seek to create more margin between ourselves and temptation.

So, what measures can you take to widen that gap?

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