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Are you a generous person?

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son..."

John 3:16‬a

Are you a Generous Person? What comes to mind when you read that question? Was Jesus a generous person? Of course, right? But Jesus was poor. He had no money or material possessions. Therefore, we can quickly conclude that generosity is not a matter of money. So what is it? How can we become increasingly generous like Jesus? I’ve searched hard for the best definition of generosity and I think I’ve found it. Ready? “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son…” No Greater Generosity Has there ever been a greater demonstration of generosity than the life of Jesus? Through His life and death, we see that generosity is giving what is valuable to meet the needs of others because of our love and indebtedness to the one who has given that which was most valuable to meet our needs. The True Meaning In the words and meaning of this most familiar statement we see the true depth and meaning of generosity:

  • Generosity is measured in the totality of our lives.

  • Generosity is motivated by love.

  • Generosity requires we give what is valuable and needed.

  • Generosity sees and meets needs.

  • Generosity never seeks reciprocity. (Jesus gave knowing he would be rejected)

Quick Test If Jesus is our model of generosity, how are we doing? Here is a quick test - complete the following sentence: God so loved He gave his only Son; we so love God that we give ____________? What are you willing to give to others because of what Christ has given to you? Maybe more importantly, is there anything you are not willing to give? A Prayer of Generosity Father we pray that you will create in us a truly generous heart so that our lives will lead others to know the extravagant generosity they can only fully experience through your son Jesus Christ.

John Meriweather MD5 Facilitator

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