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Are you considering your ways?

“...thus says the Lord of hosts: Consider your ways...”

Haggai 1:5-7

Are you Assessing? In your MD5 cohort you took a personal assessment to help you determine where you are in your relationship with Jesus in all five fundamental areas of your life. We now have 3 assessments that we use for new cohort members:

  1. The MD5 Assessment measures the 5 core fundamentals.

  2. The Real Life Discipleship Assessment measures the phase of discipleship we are in.

  3. The Spiritual Gift Assessment helps us determine how God has gifted us.

These assessments are meant to be taken regularly so that you will not fall into complacency. Complacency I believe, we have two enemies that contribute to complacency in our lives.

  1. Our self-centered sin nature.

  2. Satan's tempting selfish traps.

Our Life Plan This is why MD5 was designed to help you produce a personal life plan. We need an accountable solution to ensure that we are constantly assessing our actions, creating goals or strengthening current life standards to become more like Christ!

If we don't then the "drift" of life WILL draw us off course and make us ineffective disciples of Christ. Commit to Regular Assessment Get out your life plan and the assessments this weekend if you are not already on a regular assessment pulse. Then, ask the lord to search your heart to reveal how you need to re-focus on Him and establish 90-day goals that will establish a new standard in your life. Why? So that you will not be ineffective in fulfilling the Great Commission and become a disciple who makes disciples!

Ryan Johnson MD5 Facilitator

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