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Are you ready for a test of faith?

“Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?”

Matthew 8:26

Is This a Good Question?

Most probably recognize the admonition of Jesus in the above verse as he proceeds to calm the storm and put to ease the disciple’s fears. They marveled at his ability to have such command over nature. But what about us? Is that a good question for Jesus to ask of us when we are faced with “storms” in our lives?

A Faith Test is Coming!

We often hear that we need more faith in the system, trust the process, work the plan…but it’s not always easy. As we proceed through our seasons of life, we should expect challenges to our faith. Scripture is filled with examples of bible characters whose faith was tested while trying to live a life of righteousness. (Hebrews chapter 11 gives us a summative list)

We should not be surprised by a test of faith, it will come! The question is: What will we learn from our testing? Please approach a test of your faith as a growing and learning opportunity.

The Calm in the Storm

I feel certain that the disciples on the boat with Jesus in the middle of the storm never forgot his actions; the question of reprimand, the pronouncement of a lack of faith, but mostly the calm that came from his presence.

A Tough Question

As you approach tough days, weeks, or seasons of life, do you hear Jesus asking “Why are you afraid?” The best defense for fear is the building of your faith with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Are you faithless or faithful? May we be men who build our faith and proclaim victory over fear.

Jeff Riddle

MD5 Facilitator

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