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"A sluggard’s appetite is never filled,

but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied."

Proverbs 13:4

The Drift Have you ever been to the beach when the jellyfish wash ashore? Jellyfish have no ability to control where they are going. They are at the mercy of the tide and currents. At times we may find ourselves drifting along with the tides of life and hoping everything works out. When Robert Lewis created his definition of Biblical Manhood, the first component was to reject passivity. The challenge from Lewis to men was to not just drift along but to have intentionality to life. The Two "Adams" Robert Lewis set the definition of Biblical Manhood by contrasting two men. The first man, Adam, had a chance to step up but instead of rejecting passivity he chose to sit idly by and do nothing as Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Adam fell into passivity because he did nothing. In extreme contrast to Adam was Jesus Christ who, in obedience to the Father, came down from heaven in human form and paid our sin debt. Jesus gave us the ultimate blueprint for the opposite of passivity, and that is to live a life of intentionality. Sins of Omission I contend that most men don’t do bad things; they just don’t do anything. We tend to think of sin as acts of commission, or acts that we do. Yet, we also commit sins of omission by not doing anything. Sitting on the sidelines of life and doing nothing will lead to sins of omission. Are you Willing? We are all given the free will to make our own decisions. Are you willing to reject passivity by taking action and living a life of intentionality? Are your daily choices building the foundation for you to live out the definition of Biblical Manhood? You can sit idly by and ooze your way into passivity. You will never ooze your way into intentionality. As Solomon states in today’s verse, we must be diligent!

Roger Smithson MD5 Facilitator

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