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Are your kids prepared?

"But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, ... But as for me and my household,

we will serve the Lord."

Joshua 24:15

The Main Thing My son, Hudson, is 18 and he's getting closer to not living in my physical house anymore. However, he will always be apart of "my house" as my son. I have not been a perfect father, not by a long shot! In fact, I have a lot of moments that I would love to do over. However, by the grace of God we got the main thing right in raising Hudson. Sally and I introduced him to the Triune Creator God and then we committed to teaching him how to serve Him. 4 Ways to Teach This So, how do we practically teach our kids to serve the Lord? Tim Kimmel, Author and 33 Series contributor, gives us four things to focus on in the Family "F" portion of MD5.

  1. Be the EXAMPLE of a servant of God.

  2. Set the EXPECTATIONS to serve God, don't make EXCEPTIONS.

  3. Provide OPPORTUNITIES to see others serve God.

  4. VALUE and PRAISE your kid's efforts as they learn to serve God.

How Will This Help? By doing these four things, in the power of the Holy Spirit, you will have equipped your kids to be able to choose who they will serve. Who they will choose as a mate and how to lead their "house" some day. Our kids will have to make this choice just like we did, we can't make it for them. However, through a lot of prayer and God's abundant grace they will have the best chance to choose to serve the Lord and lead their kids to do the same.

Ryan Johnson MD5 Facilitator

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