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Do you have true friendship?

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

Proverbs 27:17

Providential Friendships Through the MD5 process we are introduced to a concept known as “providential friendships.” This concept shines a light on the relationship between our Faith and our Friends. God providentially brings people into our lives as part of His plan to grow our faith, or, as the passage above describes, to sharpen us. An Intense Transformation Considering this verse in my mind’s eye, I see a blade on a grinding wheel. The friction from the wheel creates sparks and intense heat that is uncomfortable. Yet, because of the intervention, the blade is transformed to do what it could not have done previously. A Practical Exercise Who is someone in your life God has used to sharpen you—to grow your faith? Who has God used to provoke your interest in faith, caused you to re-examine your faith, or inspired you to live out your faith? Think for a moment and write that person’s name down. Whoever that person is—he or she is a true friend, and likely one God has providentially allowed to cross our life's path to grow in our faith and love for Him. The Definition of a True Friend A true friend is one who pushes you closer to Christ. May God help us to be that kind of friend!

Steve Crawley MD5 Facilitator

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