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Do you know the formula for joy?

So then, men ought to regard us as

servants of Christ.”

I Corinthians 4:1

It's Starts Here

Our hearts are naturally sinful and always trying to protect one thing, our ego. Why is this important to understand? Because it steals our joy and takes us away from who God has called us to be. In addition, it is the root cause for our poor decisions throughout our lives.

The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

Each MD5 cohort goes through this small book with a powerful message.

Timothy Keller says, "True gospel-humility means I stop connecting every experience, every conversation, with myself. In fact, I stop thinking about myself. The freedom of self-forgetfulness. The blessed rest that only self-forgetfulness brings."

Servants of Christ

God wants to continually free us of sin and give us true rest. He also wants our undivided heart that is fully committed to serving Him by showing Jesus, our perfect model, to all we come in contact with. We can't do this if we are focused on ourselves. Don't think less of yourself, just think of yourself less.

Discipline Yourself

When you have a selfish thought during the day take it captive and make it obedient to Christ as II Corinthians 10:5 says. Then replace it with Christ-centered praise and/or focus on others around you.

Make a point to read this book and study the scripture foundation of the book regularly. Develop a habit to practice it daily and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and awareness to help change your heart through this process.

Don't get discouraged. It takes time but you will never regret it and you will experience true Christian joy in all areas of your life.

Ryan Johnson

MD5 Facilitator

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