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Don’t forget to take your spiritual temperature!

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

What is the Spiritual Climate of My Home?

What is Headship?

Matt Chandler asserts that a term we men need to redeem today is the word "headship."  Headship is the unique authority given to a man to create a spiritual climate within his home that will cause his family members to flourish and grow in their faith.  In simple terms, we men are called to disciple our wives and children.

What is our Responsibility?

Headship in the home does not mean we are to be a tyrannical ruler but rather a servant leader. This God-given responsibility to serve is carried out by loving our wives sacrificially and nurturing our children. In essence, we are to be a picture of Christ in our homes. When we fail to provide headship, the family unit breaks down, and there will likely be dreadful consequences.

Establish the Climate

The spiritual growth of our wives and children requires the right environment and atmosphere. Let’s ask ourselves, “What is the spiritual climate in my home today? Am I providing an atmosphere that pushes my wife and children closer to Christ?”

Steve Crawley

MD5 Facilitator

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