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Expect a greater reward

A man rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously,

and expects a greater reward.

Let me Explain You may find the definition above a little different than the “RALI” definition used in our cohorts today. The definition concludes with “invest eternally”, but originally, Robert Lewis said “a man expects a greater reward.” I was always confused by this and only recently understood the heart behind the phrase. The Breakdown You see, our manhood definition comes from a contrast of the first Adam (in Genesis) and the second Adam (Jesus). When Adam and Eve were tempted in the garden, they were lured in by Satan’s deceit. In that moment, they believed that what God was withholding from them was better than what God had already provided, so they gave in. In Matthew 4:9, Satan comes to Jesus and offers him the whole world if he will worship him. Yet, Jesus refuses. In this moment, Jesus knew that there was a greater reward beyond the power offered to him by Satan. A Greater Reward Similarly, Hebrews 12:2 says that Jesus endured the cross “for the joy that was set before him.” Of course, there was no joy found in enduring the cross alone, but there was joy found in fulfilling the purpose set by his Father in heaven. There was a greater reward beyond the cross: the redemption of the world. Set Your Eyes on Eternity I’m not suggesting that we change the terms of our definition but don’t overlook the truth behind that final piece. The world offers us many things, but at every proposition, there is a greater reward offered by an eternal God. And a biblical man is one who sets his eyes on eternity.

Caleb Crawley MD5 Facilitator

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