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How are you investing your time?

"Is not wisdom found among the aged?

Does not long life bring understanding?"

Job 12:12

The Game of Life During our time together in MD5 we discussed the quarters of a man’s life. Much like a football game, a man’s life can be divided into four equal quarters. The quarters typically last 19 – 22 years. Some may get slightly more, a few get slightly less, but the length of the quarters is strikingly similar. A Quarter Comparison Recently I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with several people that are in the fourth quarter of their life. I have noticed that almost all their focus and conversation is on relationships.

  • They only want to discuss loved ones and friends.

  • They want to discuss their kids, grandkids, and great grandkids.

  • They want to tell stories of old friends, or who has been by to visit them lately.

  • They want to tell you who’s sick or who recently passed away.

  • They absolutely crave human interaction.

Wealth building and a focus on materialism is long gone.

  • Their faith is strong and growing because they know they don’t have a lot of time left.

  • They no longer have a hectic schedule, and they no longer fight the stress and strain of the tyranny of the urgent.

  • Their life has slowed down and simplified to the things that truly matter.

Making the Right Investments As I write this flashback, I’m sitting in my mother’s kitchen as she prepares breakfast for me much like she has for over 50 years. Mom is in her fourth quarter, and I feel that I’m sitting where I should be. I’m confident that each of you have some fourth quarter relationships in your life. It may be a parent, grandparent, or friend. Go be there for them and learn from them. A small commitment in your time means so much to people closing out their fourth quarter. We will be there someday also, and we will be the ones craving the interaction. “The best chance you have to be a sweet old man, is to be a sweet young man.” - Brother Ed Stephenson

Roger Smithson MD5 Facilitator

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