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How is the friend "F" going?

“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise..."

Proverbs 13:20

Providential Relationships You learned in your MD5 cohort about providential relationships but as a reminder here is a quick definition. "A divine appointment with someone you may or may not know, and when looking back upon that encounter at a later date, you see that God was engineering this appointment." Now, the important thing to remember about providential relationships is that it doesn't exempt us from building strong discipleship relationships. God calls us to seek out great friends and to be a great friend, then He will take care of the rest. So, here are a couple of ways you can fulfill God's calling for you in the Friend "F" of your life. 2 Ways to Partner with God to Create Providential Relationships

  1. Be Intentional about establishing relational environments.

  2. Be Available so that God will use you to aid in the spiritual growth of others.

Our life plans were designed to set up goals and standards around these two strategies. So, how have you done? Are you...

  • Praying for Christian friends to grow stronger in Christ?

  • Praying for Non-Christian friends to surrender to Christ?

  • Contacting 1-2 friends each week?

  • Having lunch with at least 1 friend each week?

Challenge At Antioch, our focus is shifting to "Being Disciples, Who Make Disciples" because this is the example that Jesus gives us in scripture. You have a plan, now it's time to act! Be a disciple who makes disciples and let God do the rest to orchestrate providential relationships with you and for you.

Ryan Johnson MD5 Facilitator

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