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What is your fitness Motivation?

"As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men,

especially unto them who are of the household of faith."

Galatians 6:10

It's Not What You Think

The Fitness "F" is not about how much you can bench press or how far you can run. The questions from the sessions on fitness have always been, do you have enough energy to intentionally live the life we as Christian men are called to live? Do you take care of your mind and body enough to live a life focused on others?

Fourth Quarter Inspiration

Recently I spent time with two fourth quarter men that are in their 80’s and still living a very full life focused on others. I’ve known these men for many years and I've always been impressed with their energy level and how content they are.

How Do You Access People?

J.C. Brown (my father-in-law) retired as a machinist over 20 years ago. Recently J.C. worked all weekend with me in the summer heat while helping me move items out of my home. J.C. grows a huge garden every year and gives away most of his produce to friends and family. Giving away the vegetables is his way to access people. J.C. is very active in his church and very intentional about calling friends and family several nights each week.

Highly Engaged With Others

George Dale retired from the insurance industry as the longest serving insurance commissioner in the nation. George mows lawns now for the elderly and disadvantaged near Clinton, MS. George’s customers pay if they can, others may give him a pie or cookies. If the customer is able to pay, the profits are donated to the church and other charities. George is highly engaged in the lives of all his grandkids and never misses a sporting event.

Be More to Others

Neither J.C. or George had an elaborate workout or diet plan but both men have stayed thin and very active. Both men have lived a life focused on others. Do you have a plan to protect and grow your energy level so you can be more to others? Remember, the Fitness "F" is the only "F" you can’t hide.

“The best chance you have to become a sweet old man is to be a sweet young man.” – Bro. Ed Stevenson

Roger Smithson

MD5 Facilitator

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